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2010/2011 Product Catalog
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19320Disposable Ear Curette (Spoon Round Pink)Surgical Instruments
19321Disposable Ear Curette (Flex Loop Oval)Surgical Instruments
3649704Buck Ear Curette #1Surgical Instruments
3649704Buck Ear Curette #1Surgical Instruments
3649705Buck Ear Curette #2Surgical Instruments
3649706Buck Ear Curette #3Surgical Instruments
4532000FOX Dermal CuretteSurgical Instruments
4532001FOX Dermal CuretteSurgical Instruments
4532002FOX Dermal CuretteSurgical Instruments
4532003FOX Dermal CuretteSurgical Instruments
908015Endometrial Biopsy CuretteSurgical Instruments

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